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Join the N-SSA!The N-SSA: A place for people who:

  • Have a love of Civil War History...
  • Enjoy Black Powder Shooting...
  • Thrive on Competiions in: musket, carbine, revolver and artillery...
  • Enjoy camaraderie in a family-friendly gathering...

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130th N-SSA Nationals - Fall Fun!


The 130th N-SSA Nationals are upon us, and being held October 1-5, 2014 at Fort Shenandoah outside lovely Winchester, VA.

We weathered a lot of weather (we call that wet stuff Shenandoah sunshine) in the 129th Nationals in May, but we are returning to the Fort to do battle again, and take up arms in friendly competition with our fellow members, display our finest costume creations, have fellowship, swap stories, catch up and enjoy another long weekend doing what we like best.

Join us and come see how people dressed, see the weapons that were used, tour our Civil War museum and feel the ground shake when the cannons fire!

Get the schedule of events here....

Skirmish Line

The Skirmish Line


Issue12009cover-smThe Skirmish Line is a quarterly publication by and for members of the North-South Skirmish Association, Inc.

Non-member annual subscriptions are available at a cost of $20/year US funds.

Current issues of The Skirmish Line are $5.00 each. Back issues of The Skirmish Line are $3.50 each.

For back issues issues contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Editor can be reached by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We encourage N-SSA members to submit articles for future issues.

You can find lists of articles for back issues here, as well as many linked articles going back to 1996 (online articles will have blue links in the title or in the issue name if there are multiple articles).

You will need the Adobe Reader in order to view the more recent issues, and can download that here:


The links below will take you to back issues of the Skirmish Line. Older issues will have lists of articles, and as they get more current, we've got some of the articles linked online.

As of 2011, the Skirmish Line is now online as a full issue. We expect to go back to print issues (and keep doing online issues) in the future, but for now the Skirmish Line is an online publication. The links below will open a page with a PDF that you can enlarge to read online, or save to your computer to print or read later.